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We operate a modern fleet of helicopters amongst the spectacular setting of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, predominantly in Queenstown, Fiordland, the Southern Lakes and Aoraki Mt Cook. Our range of breath-taking scenic flights offer an insight into these magnificent regions and we provide an experience which is second to none.

With exclusive landing rights at remote and breath-taking locations you can really experience the beauty and tranquillity that this area is famous for. For the film fans among you our Lord of the Rings scenic flights offer a fantastic insight into Middle Earth, designed by the pilots who flew for the movies.

For the more adventurous among you we also offer a variety of other heli-based activities, with heli-hiking and fishing in the summer months, and heli-skiing and boarding and even ice-climbing throughout the winter season. We work closely with a number of local operators to provide a trip you will never forget.

We take pride in providing a quality product, safe procedures and a personalised service. All of our scenic flights can be tailored to your requirements or we can create a customised charter flight incorporating the sights and experiences that you request.

Scenic Flights


Queenstown Essential

Lift off across Lake Wakatipu to Cecil Peak and enjoy a landing with spectacular views of Queenstown and the Wakatipu, your helicopter will shut down here so you can enjoy this spectacular vista uninterrupted. Continue your ight past Queenstown itself and over Ben Lomond into Moonlight Creek and the famous Skippers Canyon. Returning to our base ying past Coronet Peak, with views of the ski eld and the Wakatipu basin.

Trip duration: 45 minutes Landings: 1

Original price: $455.00 pp

Our price: $386.75 pp

Remarkables Scenic

Watch the jet boats race up the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers as you fly past and then up the face of the Remarkables Mountain Range. Here we land on top for a photo opportunity of the beautiful Wakatipu Basin. You then y down and past the Queenstown township on your return to Heliworks.

Trip Duration: 20 mins Landings: 1

Original price: $255.00 pp

Our price: $216.75 pp

Grand Glacier 

This tour follows the fast owing river and forested valleys of Skippers Canyon, before landing on the Jura Glacier in the Forbes Mountains. Enjoy views of Mt Aspiring and into Fiordland, touch the cool blue ice of this spectacular glacier. Return to Queenstown past the Earnslaw Burn, with its hanging glacier and cascading waterfalls - this is a truly breathtaking location.

Trip duration: 60 minutes Landings: 1

Original price: $790.00 pp

Our price: $671.25 pp

Milford Encounter

See the Wakatipu basin unfold in front of you as you climb up and over Queenstown before crossing the Richardson Mountains on your way to Milford Sound. Fly over the Hollyford Valley and enjoy views of numerous alpine lakes before landing at Milford Sound itself. Enjoy a short nature walk through the native bush as your pilot shows you some of the wildlife, ora and fauna found in this beautiful area.

Trip Duration: 1.5 hours Landings: 1

Original price: $1,120.00 pp

Our price: $952.00 pp

Heli Wine Exclusive

In conjunction with Peregrine Wines. Options include Heli Scenic Landing, Private Tasting or Vine to the Glass... Winter and Summer options!! 

Trip Duration:1-2.5 hours Landings: 1

Original price: $435.00-$555.00 pp

Our price: $369.75-$471.75 pp

Mt Nicholas Evening Escape

What could be better than sharing a glass of bubbles as the shadows lengthen and the sun dips toward the horizon? Flying there by helicopter! Take to the air from Heliworks to y past Deer Park Heights and Cecil Peak to one of our exclusive landing sites on Mt Nicholas Station. Tranquillity and seclusion await you just up the Lake from Queenstown.

Trip Duration: 1 hour Landings: 1

Includes bubbles!

Original price: $600.00 pp

Our price: $510 pp

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Lord of the Rings scenic flights

Heliworks Queenstown Helicopters was contracted exclusively by Peter Jackson for aerial filming and transportation of cast to Lord of the Rings film locations in & around Queenstown and Fiordland, New Zealand. Our helicopter pilots have an intimate knowledge of the area and can transport you into Middle Earth.

The following Lord of the Rings Scenic Flights have been designed by the principal filming pilots for the series and Ian Brodie, author of The Lord of the Rings Official Location Guide Book. Click on the packages below for more details, images and maps.


Flight to the Ford

A fantastic introduction to Middle Earth.
Fly towards the steep ridges of the Misty Mountains, climbing ever higher our rst stop is the Dimrill Dale, lying between two great arms of the mountains. This valley marks the western door of the great Gates of Khazad-dum (Moria) and Mirrormere, source of the River Silverlode. Continue across Lake Wakatipu (Nen Hithoel) to y over Amon Hen, scene of the Breaking
of the Fellowship, with excellent views of the forest where Lurtz fought his nal battle against Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas and Gimli. See the site of the Ilithien camp where Frodo and Sam hid from the battle and rst saw the Oliphants. Towards the River Bruinen, we see the Ford, scene of the desperate encounter between Arwen and the Black Riders. Homeward bound, we see glimpses of the River Anduin (location of the Gates of Argonath).

Trip Duration: 45 mins Landings: 1

Original price: $520.00 pp

Our price: $442.00 pp

The Great Forests 

Fly over the steep slopes of the Misty Mountains to the Dimrill Dale and great Gates of Khazad-dum. Mirrormere, source of the River Silverlode lies below and after a pause
for photographs we cross Lake Wakatipu (Nen Hithoel) towards Amon Hen, scene of the Breaking of the Fellowship. See the site of the Ilithien camp where Frodo and Sam hid from the battle and rst saw the Oliphants. Continue Westward for a landing atop Mt Alfred (Dol Baran) where the vista of Nan Curunir (scene of Isengard and the Tower of Orthanc) unfolds. The great forest beckons, and as we y over the outskirts of Lothlorien, the massive peaks of the Misty Mountains tower overhead. Travel East towards the old gold mining area of Skippers before ying over the River Bruinen, scene of the desperate encounter between Arwen and the Black Riders.

Trip Duration: 1.25 hours Landings: 1

Original price: $955.00 pp

Our price: $811.75 pp

Best of Lord of the Rings

The ultimate New Zealand Lord of the Rings tour for true LOTR fans – a ight through J.R.R. Tolkien’s imagination and Peter Jackson’s movie-making awaits you. This 3.5-hour trip goes into Isengard, across the Misty Mountains and to

the Ford of Bruinen. The sights of the Wakatipu and Fiordland areas which so enthralled millions of movie-goers unfold in front of you. This ight also includes the beauty of the 680m high Sutherland Falls and the majesty of Milford Sound. This experience includes several landings depending on weather conditions.

Trip Duration: 3.5 hours Landings: 3

Original price: $1,960.00 pp

Our price: $1.666 pp

Crew Adventures Discount 15% when you book through our website.